Ban Steve Bannon, white nationalist extraordinaire


We’ve all spent the past few days reeling from President Trump’s illegal, un-American executive order regarding immigrants and green card holders from several, predominantly Muslim countries.

This also includes the blocking of all refugees entering the country from Syria.

There are quite a few things wrong with it. Such as, no terrorist attacks have been carried out in the United States by people from any of the countries. These seven countries are: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya and Yemen. Whereas, countries around these seven, such as Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Egypt and Turkey, have both acknowledged terrorists who carried out attacks on U.S soil and have had business ties to Trump’s businesses.

According to Rudy Giuliani, corpse-in-training and once a candidate for Attorney General, President Trump contacted him. Trump wanted to know how to do his Muslim ban “legally.”

I’ll stop you right there, Mr. President, because you can’t.

And this country responded in kind. Protests popped up at airports all over the country. Journalists, elected representatives, lawyers, military vets and civilians alike all leapt at the chance to make a difference. It was a truly wonderful, American thing that happened.

However, fear the Steve Bannon. He was the first hire by the Trump admin, given a made-up title so he wouldn’t have to be vetted and approved.

Bannon is one of two guys writing President Trump’s executive orders.

Bannon wrote the one I’ve been talking about until this point.

And now he, a fake journalist, proven white nationalist/supremacist/Nazi, and former Breitbart CEO, is rocking the same amount of official foreign policy influence as the Secretaries of State and Defense.

President Trump, in a memo, reorganized the National Security Council – pushing Bannon to the top, giving him a regular seat on the principals committee.

With the same stroke of his pen, the President also announced that the director of national intelligence and the Joint Chiefs of Staff would only sit in on the principals committee when their “expertise” is viewed as necessary.

Steve Bannon sat in on President Trump’s recent call with America’s new Step-Daddy Vlad Putin as the two discussed how to fight ISIS. Because if there’s one thing that America needs, it’s the guy whispering “America First” into Trump’s ear drafting executive orders on how to screw over helpless refugees while also bringing a more destructive military presence to the Middle East.

In what I assume was Bannon’s idea, President Trump has also begun to roll back on drone strikes…in favor of ground raids. Recently, in Yemen, one US soldier was killed and three were wounded in such a raid. Although the US government refused to address reports of civilian casualties in the raid, The Intercept’s Jeremy Scahill reported that at least nine civilians were killed – six women and three children.

The Washington Post reported that it was possibly “more than a dozen” civilians.

Steve Bannon and President Trump want to keep all the Muslims in the Middle East, while also planning to amp up military operations in those same countries. Because they don’t care about radicalizing innocents.

They already think all Muslims are Radicals anyway.

This is what we get when a “politician” dare utter the nonsensical and misleading phrase “Radical Islamic Terror”.

There are a lot of aspects about this presidency that we should be fighting. Steve Bannon and his faux-populist white nationalism should be near the top of the list.