Campus Center Takeover Brings Community Together


The Campus Center Marketplace transformed late in the evening of Nov. 15 for the Campus Center Takeover, an annual event where MCLA clubs table in the Marketplace to create a fun-filled night for the campus community.

Put on by the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), the takeover included about 30 clubs and organizations, each offering something different for those who participated and wandered by.

Each year a different theme is chosen and 2017’s was “coffee shop,” with coffee and hot chocolate being offered by the NRHH.

Clubs also kept true to the theme by creating coffee shop inspired snacks, activities, and more. Others chose to keep their activities oriented to their own group’s focus, still offering entertainment for anyone stopping by.

Senior and Vice President of the NRHH Taylar Jackson was pleased with this year’s turnout.

“The best part of the event was seeing how much fun everyone had, and everyone coming together as one collective unit,” she said.

Photo by Brianna Lamb

The Recycling Committee offered an artistic way to reuse coffee filters. Anime Club handed out small glasses of coffee jello and Thai tea. The Chemistry Club made pretzels and explained the components that went into making them. At Book Club’s table, people had the opportunity to craft their own book.

Allegrettos performed some songs a capella, which acted as the music for a game of musical chairs which gathered a good crowd.

Environuts, Psychology Club, Queer Student Union, Yorick, Fashion Club, Nexxus and Political Science Club are among some of the many other clubs that tabled for the Takeover.

The smell of coffee filled the air and the space was packed with a noisy crowd, but the general consensus among participants was that it was in the best way possible.

Senior Adam Sams, who tabled for Environuts, said that this event seemed to be the best at bringing the campus community together.

Sams stated that the Campus Center Takeover gets even more people involved than the Ice Cream Social, due to the tables’ close proximity inside the building, as well as the fun and noisy atmosphere and activities welcoming anyone to join in the fun.

Photo by Brianna Lamb

“Clubs were joining together and participating at each other’s tables, students were visiting tables that had people who they never interacted with before, and we even had some faculty stop by,” Jackson said.

While some came to the campus center exclusively for the event, others seemed to be just passing through. Even these students, however, stopped at a table or two, enjoying the event.

“NRHH is very proud of the event we put on, and can’t wait to do it again next year,” Jackson said.