Career Trail unveiled by CSSE


New from the Center for Student Success and Engagement (CSSE), comes an online career software known as the Career Trail.
“In essence it is a comprehensive piece of software that’s going to overhaul career development here at MCLA,” Dale Osef, MCLA’s career development specialist, said.

The Career Trail essentially will be a place for students to post resumes and search for jobs as well as connect with alumni and professionals.
“A large part of the functions that the software is going to have to offer is job postings, internship postings, you can upload a resume and then an employer can look for you directly so kind of flips the paradigm a little bit,” Osef said.

It also permits professors to search for current students for internships and projects and works to create a community with the alumni and the students through a mentor program.

“You can connect with an alumni mentor, as many as you want, and network in that way,” Osef said.

Students can then learn from those who have been through it all. In this way Career Trail works to improve graduates’ chances of getting into the profession of their choosing. Notable in this software is its ability to integrate any user’s LinkedIn profile with their Career Trail profile. Because the Career Trail has a more finely tuned and local focus it is meant to compliment rather than supplement the use of a LinkedIn.

The College purchased the software in July and after six or seven months of work, especially by Ian Bergeron, director of information technology and Molly Williams, director of Institutional Advancement, it was ready to be used by the MCLA community.
You can also schedule appointments with career development directly from this software.

“MCLA saw a need for a fresh, new approach to career development on our campus,” Osef said. “The Career Trail gives us the right platform to engage all internal and external stakeholders in helping MCLA students to think about career development as a holistic process that corresponds directly with their academic experience here.”

The Career Trail also is available to all MCLA alumni, and serves students in all degree programs.


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