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Holbrook wishes to enhance student experience and embrace campus size

Catherine Holbrook, vice president of student affairs, wants to work in a small community with a focus on the Liberal Arts. She believes her job is to enhance the students’ experience and figure out what is important to them. Since taking up her post in July, Holbrook has been busy immersing herself in the MCLA community. Holbrook has worked 23 […]

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Photo by Mitchell Chapman/The Beacon
Berkshire Towers residents were evacuated to Venable Gym and fed pizza from Pizza Works as emergency personnel examined the towers.

BT evacuation brings hardships to students

It was only the second week of classes at MCLA. Freshman students were getting used to “college life,” settling in and unpacking their last few belongings. It was a typical early September night at MCLA. On Sept. 19 around 5 p.m. a strange smell was reported from students on the fifth floor of Tower A. Soon after, all of the […]

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Phot by Liz Quirk/The Beacon

Physics major Cody Gawle escapes reality through snowboarding

By: Nick Tardive Everybody needs a method of escape. Whether it be knitting, painting, or in this case, snowboarding, people need a means of clearing their mind of the daily stresses of life. Physics major Cody Gawle ‘16 knows quite a bit about stress. So he takes to the slopes and lets his mind float like his body does when […]

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Author Jeff Speck to present “Walkable City”

Author Jeff Speck to present “Walkable City”

By: Nick Swanson Jeff Speck, city planner and urban designer, is presenting his best-selling book “Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time” on Thursday, Oct. 1. The main presentation is open to the public in the Church Street Center Center’s Eleanor Furst Roberts Auditorium starting at 7 p.m. A brief Q&A session for students is to […]

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Berkshire Towers cleared to reopen to residents

Berkshire Towers cleared to reopen to residents

By: Nick Swanson & Harmony Birch Berkshire Towers (BT) reopened Tuesday evening after the evacuation of A and B Towers due to a strong odor detected Saturday evening. Public Safety received the safety hazard dispatch to BT at 5:10 p.m. on Saturday that lead to the evacuation moments later. Students were not allowed re-entry to Tower B until Monday at […]

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Photo by Scott Stafford, The Berkshire Eagle

North Adams city and school buildings go 100 percent solar

By: Joseph Carew With the opening of a 3.5 megawatt solar panel facility, North Adams now expects to be 100 percent solar powered. The thousands of panels supplementing the electricity for the municipal and school buildings reside on a capped landfill about a mile from the city center. The city agreed to a twenty year purchasing agreement with Syncarpha Capital, […]

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Yorick cancelling fall show

Yorick cancelling fall show

By: Chris Riemer The E-board of MCLA’s Yorick Shakespeare club has made the decision to shelve Antony and Cleopatra, which they had originally planned to perform this fall. According to Yorick president Mallory Schettine, the decision was entirely an internal one. “We needed a semester to collect ourselves,” reasoned Schettine. “We had a large graduating class last semester, and we […]

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Students transported to BMC after detecting strong odor in BT

Students transported to BMC after detecting strong odor in BT

By Nick Swanson Twenty-seven students from the Berkshire Towers (BT) were transported to the hospital and Wellness Center Saturday night after being exposed to a strong, unidentifiable odor in Tower A. Students have returned to campus but will be arranged alternative housing, according to an emergency update from Bernadette Alden, director of marketing and communications for the college. Complaints of […]

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Interim president Clemmer yearns to help with students’ success

Interim president Clemmer yearns to help with students’ success

By Nick Swanson 86’ alumnus, James Clemmer, accepted the position of MCLA Interim President in August. A private Q&A session was arranged to learn his plans and ideas for the college while in this temporary important role. Q&A session “I have a few ideas. Number one, I think our story here is so great,” Clemmer explained, “What MCLA does is […]

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Liz Quirk/The Beacon Helping Hands assists freshmen move into Berkshire Towers and Hoosac Hall on Sunday.

Welcome MCLA Class of 2019


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Photo Courtesy of Laura-Lynn Dear

Mother and daughter, Laura-Lynn Dear '15 (left) and Anika Pommers-Dear(right) attend MCLA and travel the world together. They are currently living in Dakar, Senegal.

Traveling to experience the beauty and culture of the world

  By Juanita Doss Together, mother and daughter explore the beauty and culture the world brings them. An unbreakable bond formed between Laura-Lynn Dear ’15 and Anika Pommers-Dear ’16 the first moment Laura laid eyes on her. “I feel very fortunate that Anika and I have always been very close, which may be because she’s an only child,” Laura said. […]

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Photo by Isabel McKenzie/ The Beacon

Wastky, along with several students, performed slam poetry drawing a collective enthusiasm from the art form

Watsky rocks spring concert

By: Matt Hotaling George Watsky looks nothing like one would expect from a rap artist. The 28 year old artist is a pale skinny kid with a baby face from upper-middle class San Francisco. White rap artists for a long time have had to stand in the shadows of artists like Vanilla Ice, the Beastie Boys, and Eminem, but in […]

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Photo by Liz Quirk

Sarah Robinson '15 fell in love with building costumes after visiting "Shakespeare & Co." her senior year of high school

Finding the perfect stitch

  By: Kaliegh Hayes Fine and performing arts major Sarah Robinson is a senior this year, but she considers herself a “Super Senior,” as she will be attending MCLA for one more year. During Robinson’s time at MCLA she has been in groups like Yorick and Harlequin, but at any given time she can most likely be found in the […]

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Photo by Liz Quirk/ The Beacon

After 32 years of working at MCLA,, Andrew "Andy" Hoar has worked on 100 to 150 productions, and has met and worked with 750 to 1,000 students

The man behind the black curtain

  By Veronica Colacurcio Andrew Hoar, known as simply “Andy” to everyone he works with, scratches away at his scraggly white beard, contemplating the set in progress. Work study and volunteer students bang away with hammers and drills into reused plywood and two-by-fours. A chain with a plethora of keys jingles at his side as he instructs where legs should […]

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You’re not seeing double, they’re twins.

You’re not seeing double, they’re twins.

  By: Kaliegh hayes After living with each other all their lives twins Alycia “Lee” and Stefani “Stef” Skerry, ’18 decided it was time to part ways when it came to them going to college. And that was the plan until they came to MCLA for a visit. When choosing MCLA, the sisters both had different reasons as to why they […]

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