Debate club wins ‘Club of the Month’


The SGA continuation of Club of the Month was awarded to Debate Club in September.

According to Samantha Giffen, Coordinating Vice President (CVP) of SGA, they had multiple nominations with very good descriptions as to why they should win, specifically the debate viewing they put on for the first presidential debate. Over 40 students attended. Being a new club, Giffen is excited they are doing so well.

Winners in the past include the Wildlife Society, Book Club, Latin American Society, and Political Science Club.

MCLA has over 50 clubs, giving students the opportunity to be involved in a number of interests. SGA puts on Club of the Month to honor the different organizations on campus.

Giffen is the head of the nominations.

“SGA is the organization in charge of of all clubs and organizations on campus, so we started club of the month just as a way to give recognition to clubs for all that they do for the campus community,” Giffen said.

Being CVP, Giffen’s job is to work with clubs, find new ways to recognize them, and increase their interaction with each other. She finds Club of the Month the perfect opportunity to do just that.

The nomination link is sent to all the club e-board members, and posted on SGA social media pages. Nominations are submitted through a Google form where students can give the name of the club and reasons why they should win.

“I usually base it off on how many people nominate this club and also the reason as to why they picked that club,” Giffen said. “If it comes down to it where there are two selected that have really good descriptions I bring it up to a few other SGA members to make it more objective and unbiased and so I have other opinions.”

As of right now, when the winner is chosen, Giffen sends an email to all the clubs announcing the choice and the reasons why. Giffen has recently brought up to SGA E-board members that she feels winners should receive a prize.

“I want to get something for them more tangible,” Giffen said. “I know we have some extra supplies in the SGA office that we might use as prizes that were given out from leadership conferences or banquets in the past. We are still in the brain storming process.”

Giffen explained that even though it would be nice for the winners to receive a prize, that is not what she wants clubs to strive for. Instead it is more of an incentive or another way to encourage them to continue doing the great things they are doing.

The Alumni Association of MCLA suggested the idea of honoring a club every month to SGA several years ago. They thought of offering a prize to the winner, wanting another way for the alumni to interact with the current students.

This suggestion was not acted upon until Kelsey McGonigle, the former CVP, initiated it last year. After McGonigle graduated, Giffen continued the tradition.