This Is: A Day Without Love


A Day Without Love has always been a solo act, consisting of Brian Walker, a Philadelphia native. Walker told the Beacon over a Google Hangout interview that the idea started in 2007, but did not officially begin until 2013.

“The idea started my sophomore year of college with my poetry anthology, and writing a poem every day,” said Walker.

Walker describes his music as a mix between alt-rock and folk/indie, with some emo incorporated into it.

“Brand New is one of my biggest influences,” said Walker.

Walker has performed at more than 30 colleges since beginning his music, but North Adams has definitely stood out to him.

“Feels different,” he said, “different from the city.”

A Day Without Love is a part of Sounds and Tones Records, based out of the Berkshires.

Walker’s goal is to write and create music that helps people, focusing on a wide range of struggles and problems in his own life and others, saying he wants to be one of those artists that people go to listen to when going through hard times.

A Day Without Love will be releasing their second LP “Diary” soon, featuring 24 songs Walker wrote and produced in his bedroom.