Fashion Club Reaches Out With Activities, Shows


With all the organizations and events on campus, it can sometimes be difficult to get your club’s voice heard. That is the goal of Fashion Club, a group on campus determined to spread the word about what they have in store this year.

Fashion Club’s official name is the Fashion Student Organization but its president, junior Amanda Romanelli, prefers the informal name.

“We are simply a group of students who love fashion,” said Romanelli. “The ‘student organization’ part just doesn’t make sense for us.”

The club’s main goal is to put on fashion shows at the Design Lab on Main Street. Last semester was the first time the club was able to do this, and they expect to be having more shows in the future due to its success.

Their next show is planned for Dec. 7 and Dec. 8. The club also plans to include more fashion-oriented activities during general meetings.

“Last meeting, we learned how to distress denim and had a small photo shoot,” Romanelli said. “Each meeting, we will have workshops like this, as well as photo shoots, so the photographers in our club can learn how to photograph people.”

The club has existed for quite a while at MCLA, though its membership in the past was very low, with the E-board members being the only designers. With so few members, the club relied on the student body to assist them when models were needed for their shows.

The club became inactive for a few semesters, but started to build itself back up last semester. President Romanelli and Vice President Zach Benjamin are determined to show what the club is capable of.

Despite the growth and improvement the club has shown, the budget has not improved. The club attended various SGA meetings last semester in the hope of increasing their budget to accommodate new members and events.

“When we heard that our budget went from an already extremely low budget to an even lower one, we felt more than defeated,” said Romanelli.

At that point, the club grew from 0 to 25 members and struggled to clothe people for the fashion show, with a budget of $13 per person, for a full outfit.

“I know we can make things work, but it is truly unfair. How could they see the club succeeding if they gave us even less money than last year?” said Romanelli, hoping to appeal to SGA this coming year.

Despite the budget setback, the club does find ways to add funds for their shows.

A clothing sale held in the Campus Center and sponsored by the Fashion Club will take place this semester. The club will be selling some of their clothing from their past show in order to raise money.

Overall, the club hopes to make itself more of a presence on campus and to students this year.

Fashion shows are the first priority, with club members hoping to get a bigger turnout than last year. Workshops during general meetings are another way the club hopes to bring new members into the club.

“They invite people that aren’t participating in the show to be a part of the club,” said Romanelli.  “Overall, we just want people to know the club exists and show that we have some really talented people working with us.”

Fashion Club’s meetings this semester are held at 7 p.m. on Thursdays in Bowman 319 and Romanelli encourages all who are interested to attend. The club also has a Facebook page.