Gators Shutdown Trailblazers 9-0


Having a consistent offensive strategy, the Sage College Women’s tennis team strongly defeated the MCLA Trailblazers 9-0 in a league game on Thursday, Sept. 21 at Sage College.

The Gators dominated the women’s singles. Samantha Montague of Sage defeated Mariza  Sfakianaki 6-1. A good performance by MCLA’s Briana Higgins almost secured a victory against Abbey Clobridge, only to lose 6-4. Shanessa Mendoza of Sage College swept the victory 6-1 against MCLA’s Ashley Juskhas.

The Trailblazers were looking grim as Lauren Kexel was defeated by Rebecca Jackson 6-0. Other matches were not in MCLA’s favor. Katherine Grill managed to score once before losing to Shanice Mendoza of Sage 6-1 while Samantha Dibbell of Sage swept Danielle Nolan 6-0 def.

Despite the skills of MCLA doubles, all three games were won by Sage College. Samantha Montague and Rebecca Jackson came back to defeat MCLA’s Mariza Sfakianaki and Sam Gawron 8-4. Briana Higgins and Ashley Juskhas just held on against Abbey Clobridge and Shanessa Mendoza of Sage for 8-3.

Danielle Nolan and Katherine Grill snuck in a point to avoid being shut out by Shanice Mendoza and Lindsey Tolman of Sage 8-1.

The Trailblazers compete against Johnson State on Saturday, Sept. 23 at 1 p.m.