Goodbye ’till next time


Domonique Ackley

It’s not every day a photo editor gets to write for her newspaper, but I am happy for this last opportunity to do so. Over the last two years on The Beacon, I have seen as some have come and others have gone, but one thing has not changed: we are a family. With any family, there are arguments and there are make-ups, but from this we grow stronger and continue to learn from each other.

When I first joined The Beacon last spring I did so with hesitation and concern. I was an English major who had never taken a journalism class, and an introvert to top that. However, Jen and Shawn encouraged me, and I found a place within this hectic family. It makes me sad to think after this last issue I will no longer come into The Beacon office on Tuesdays to edit and hear the interesting DJ-ing of Chris or Nick. I won’t see Lauren hovering over the printed pages with a red pen and that stern look on her face we have come to love. I will not hear the sigh from Adam as he’s given another page to design last minute. I will no longer receive my weekly dose of sports from Brady, and I will no longer fight over smarties with Joe as Jon has a meltdown from under a pile of literature and subway. I will no longer hear the wise words of Jen and Shawn as they look over the issue on Thursday night E-board. And I won’t wave goodbye to Ron and Emily as I finish my back page for the day and wish them the best on theirs, and to be honest, it makes me sad.

Each one of these people has brought a smile to my face at one point and I cannot imagine my life after senior year without them. They are all great hard working individuals who continue to inspire me more every week. As the last couple of weeks approach before we say goodbye, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for everything each of you do. Thank you Mitchell for redesigning the whole paper. Thank you Emily for taking on each last minute assignment I give you with a smile. Thank you Ron for having a wonderful eye for photography and design. Thank you Joe for teaching me about views I never knew about. Thank you Lauren for being a wonderful and badass Copy-Chief. Thank you Chris and Nick for your interesting music, conversations and debates. Thank you Jon for being there when you could barely be there for yourself. Thank you Brady for taking over sports when we all hid from it. Lastly, thank you Shawn and Jen for pushing me out of my comfort zone and being the best advisers any student could ask for. May next year’s Beacon staff continue as strong as we have.