From left to right the Honors Student Council Kaylyn Swenson, Jaclyn Ordway, Katie Mancini, Nicole Hastry, Mary Kate Lynch

With the start of a new semester, there are several opportunities to join new clubs and programs on campus. The Honors Student Representative Council (HSRC) is the student E-board of the Honors Program.

The program is considered beneficial to the growth of students as described by a few E-board members.

“The Honors Program has helped me branch out from my major and learn about other subject areas and ways of thinking,” said Treasurer Kaylyn Swenson. “I think it’s a great way to round out your education.”

Kathryn Mancini, vice president of the HSRC, also agreed.

“I’ve also had the opportunity to meet new people, make more personal connections with my professors, and even taken a trip to the Boston Aquarium thanks to the program,” said Mancini. “It’s been a great part of my college experience so far.”

Members of the HSRC are responsible for planning events for honors students, representing student interest during Honors Advisory Board meetings and attending Commonwealth Honors Program meetings to represent MCLA’s Honors Program.

The HSRC gives students the opportunity to expand on their knowledge and is beneficial for their future. Through the program, students can decide if they would like to pursue graduating with honors, and can count toward their credits.

The program challenges students as a variety of honors classes are offered and the program encourages students to step out of their comfort zone and develop skills in subjects outside of their major.

“For instance, I’m a biology major with a concentration in pre-professional medicine and I’ve recently taken Environmental Law, World Religions, and Hybrid Poetics for the honors program,” Mancini said. “World Religions ended up being one of the most enlightening classes I’ve ever taken, and I never would have taken it had it not been for the program.”

The program also offers a quiet study space in Mark Hopkins with an exclusive library, couches, a computer, and coffee machine.

Aside from the academic benefits, the program is also a great way to meet new people and make personal connections with professors. Some students have even been offered trips through it.

Any honors student can join the HSRC by coming by their office or running for an E-board position, according to Jaclyn Ordway, co-president. Students who are not yet honors students can can talk to Professor Edgerton or Professor Finch, the Honors Program co-directors, about joining.

The Honors Student Representative Council E-board meets once a week and each E-board member holds an office hour each week.

“If you are curious about the HSRC, feel free to stop by one of our meetings or talk to any of the E-board members,” said Ordway.

For more information on the Honors Program contact Susan Edgerton or visit the MCLA website.


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