Humble Digs to return to North Adams


Humble Digs, a band that MCLA students may not have heard of, will be preforming at Gallery 51 on Oct. 14 at 7 p.m.

Jake Slater began the project back in the summer of 2014; the rest of the band formed in early 2016.

“I had a bunch of crazy psych-rock my old band recorded that I sent to a guy making a psychedelic compilation on Reddit, and instead of picking those, he went with this quirky, sort of dreamy melancholy acoustic one on my Soundcloud,” said Slater. “So I started favoring that kind of sound.”

Slater, who plays guitar and also sings, is accompanied by: George Condon on guitar, Henry Condon and Riley Feeney on bass and vocals and Matt Twaddle on keys. With five solid members, they also bring out people that they know to join.

“It makes it fun and fresh, while also helping develop my voice as an author, having a diverse set of people to channel songs through while still attaining a sense of stylistic consistency,” said Slater.

Hailing from Amherst, this isn’t the first time the band have made their way to the Berkshires. They also performed in Vermont, New York and other towns within the Amherst area.

What’s going to pull you to their show on Oct. 14? According to Slater, there’s nothing specific that makes them stand out, but that the people like what they hear from them.

“I think we jam and explore idioms indie bands don’t really try as often, while at the same time don’t really focus on making the ‘sickest groove’ or mind-melting solos,” said Slater. “Everything I try and write I feel like sounds mystical yet mundane.”

Humble Digs just finished up a number of shows that took place over the summer, not calling it a “tour” per say, but Slater said that gigs outside of the Pioneer Valley can be a hit or miss.

“What’s wrong with the occasional weekend road trip?”

At Gallery 51, Humble Digs will be playing new songs.

“North Adams is a fun place to play,” said Slater, “it has such a great art community. I’ve spent weekends with the Common Folk crew a few times over the summer and they are personable people who are really foster sometime special.”

Tickets to the preformance are $5. Their new record will be released in early 2018.