The IGC Continues its Community Involvement


Although small in numbers, the Inter-Greek Council (IGC) continues to make meaningful impacts in the MCLA and local communities by participating in multiple school and local projects. Philanthropy events, also referred to as community service, are its primary focus.

The IGC participated in the Fall Day of Service, and will participate in Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week and MLK Day of Service. The council engages in other community service in the meantime, such as raising money for breast cancer and cystic fibrosis.

Nia Scott, President of IGC, discussed how she hopes the IGC is seen on campus.

“We want people to see that we do things on campus,” she said. “We are serious about our grades and we are serious about doing philanthropies for the community, so we have been trying to put our name back out there.”

The IGC is affiliated with one sorority, Beta Lambda, and one fraternity, Pi Upsilon Pi (Pines). According to Scott, the IGC allows these two groups to work together in a more cohesive way to accomplish their collective fundraising goals and of philanthropies.

Each group participates in a main fundraising campaign for a specific cause. Courtney Johnson, President of Beta Lambda, explained its campaign.

“The main thing we do is fundraise for breast cancer awareness usually at the end of the semester or year,” Johnson said. “We either give it to an organization that helps women with breast cancer, or to a specific woman affected. Depending on how much money is raise we sometimes do certain events, too.”

Pines organizes an annual 5k in the spring to raise money for cystic fibrosis. The fraternity picks a sponsor child, usually from the Berkshires, to donate all the proceeds to.

In the meantime, members of each group participate in local and school community service events throughout the school year.

This fall Pines has participated in Fall Day of Service, Boo Bash, and FreshGrass. In the upcoming weeks they are volunteering at the Berkshire Food Project and the Louison House.

Daniel Schenkel, president of Pines, feels strongly about the work his fraternity is doing. As a graduating senior, he hopes his work and effort continues.

“My goal was to get us to do as much philanthropies as possible, rush as hard as we could to get a lot of new brothers, and I’ve really seen it start to shape up,” Schenkel said. “Before I graduate I really want to make a lasting impression on the ideals that I pledged into of doing a large number of volunteering and staying connected with the community.”

According to Johnson, Beta Lambda holds the same goals of volunteering as much as possible and remaining connected to the community.

Beta Lambda and Pines currently have five members each. Another common objective of both groups is to increase their numbers. With more members the IGC would be able to raise more money, be more active in the community, and be a stronger unit on campus.


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