MCLA Spring Preview Days


MCLA’s Spring Preview Days are here again, possibly bringing new faces that will be seen around campus come September.

There are three Spring Preview Days in total. One was Monday while the next two are this Saturday and Saturday. According to Gina Puc, director of Admissions, 36 families attended Monday’s Spring Preview Day and so far 25 families are registered for Saturday and 15 are registered for Sunday.

These events are designed for high school sophomores or juniors, or current college students interested in transferring to take a first look at MCLA and learn more about our academic and extracurricular offerings as well as learn more about the North Adams community,” said Puc. “Prospective students are also able to meet their MCLA admissions counselor and form a connection before they even apply.”

Most Preview Days bring in 25-40 families. The event begins at 11 a.m. and includes an information session to introduce these families to MCLA, Puc explained.  The admissions and financial aid application process is also covered before families go on a tour with one of the tour guides.

Puc added that there is minimal disruption to the campus because Preview Days are scheduled for weekends and holidays when classes are not in session.

“We try to make the days convenient for high school and transfer students that may be on school vacation week or also have a day off from school,” she said.

The tour guides begin training in the fall to learn key facts and figures about MCLA as well as answers to frequently asked questions, Puc said. The Admission Ambassadors also meet with representatives from departments across campus. Student guides are additionally encouraged to share stories of their own experiences at MCLA.

With the most recent freshmen class consisting of 330 students, admissions will be working hard to match or even beat that number.