MCLA Women’s Vollyball defeated at Sage 3-0


Troy, NY- Sage College defeated the MCLA women’s volleyball team in three sets on Wednesday, Oct. 4.

In the beginning of the first set, both teams traded points back and forth. The Gators then managed an average five point lead against the Trailblazers in the middle of the set. After a number of kill shots from MCLA and service errors from Sage, MCLA caught up to 16-17. However, the Gators fought back to secure the set by 25-17.

After the first defeat, the Trailblazers continued to stay strong, but fell short in the second set by 19-25. The Gators took the final set 25-13 for victory that night.

MCLA had a record .010 hit rate while Sage thrived on a .111 hit rate. The Gators also made 56 digs for the game while MCLA made 48, with 13 from Mele Enomoto and 10 from Michelle Laga. Missy Schneiderman of the Gators had the same amount of digs as Enomoto.

Michelle Laga also scored the first and only ace for MCLA. Meanwhile, the Gators scored 13 service aces with Missy Schneiderman contributing four. MCLA’s Brooke Queripel scored seven kills out of 22 for the game and Sage’s Jessica Carrozzi scored eight kills.

In the non-conference action, the Trailblazers fell behind to 5-13 while the Gators moved up to 6-16 on the season.

The Trailblazers will face off against Castleton on Thursday, Oct. 12.