Midnight Madness: then and now


One of MCLA’s most popular events of the fall semester has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean it’s forgotten.

What goes into an event like Midnight Madness? Celia Norcross, assistant dean of student development and engagement, and senior Mele Enomoto sat down with the Beacon to talk about the past and present.

“I started this event in 2003 or 2004,” said Norcross. “I’m a huge athletics fan and anything we can do to promote our student athletes is important.”

Norcross later added in an email that the event has taken place at the college for over ten years.

Not only are the men and women’s basketball teams a highlight of the event, but class councils, clubs like Dance Company and NeXXus, and other organizations on campus get involved, as well.

Enomoto, who is interning this semester with Norcross, was in charge of the whole event, from planning the activities to figuring out who was going to emcee.

“I started planning in the beginning of the semester,” said Enomoto, “and it’s been so stressful, but a learning experience for event planning.”

When planning a huge event like this, Enomoto had to take into consideration which events were going to grasp the student body’s attention. Some fan favorites like tug-of-war and the obstacle course have been cut, but new events such as a half-court shot contest have been added.

Another new addition that Enomoto has included is fun facts about the athletes.

Norcross and Enomoto described this event as a “twist on a pep rally,” and that’s exactly what it is.

And a twist it was. Over 550 students attended the event on Tuesday night.

With so much chaos and commotion, at times it was hard to keep track, but the event was still run smoothly by host seniors Nilson Neto and Kircys Canela.

President Birge gave an introduction to the student body with a warm welcome, and a good luck wish to the men and women’s basketball teams.

Throughout the night, Trailblazer was seen on the sidelines, making students laugh and encouraging everyone to participate. Who was under the suit remains a mystery, but their dance moves definitely stood out.

Performances by Dance Company, Cheer Squad, and Nexxus got the crowd riled up. Cheer Squad seemed to have a major increase in their numbers and a surprise in skills. Nexxus surprised the crowd by getting up from their respected class sections in the bleachers.

“Where my seniors at!?” Brittany Watson yelled to her classmates.

Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams had some new faces, the men’s teaming having a total of seven freshmen. While they were being called out into the gym, fun facts about each player were announced to the crowd, although it was difficult to hear the host due to the music and audience screaming.

One fact that stood out though? One of the men’s players likes to listen to “Push It” by Salt N Pepa while, well, you know.

Contests like a three point shooting contest, a dance contest, and a Rock, Tree, Bridge obstacle course brought classes together in friendly competition.

At the end of the night, the senior class was titled the winners of the 2017 Midnight Madness.

The basketball season begins on Wednesday, Nov. 15 with the women’s team playing SUNY Cobleskill at 6:30 p.m. in the Campus Center Gym. The men’s team begins Friday, Nov. 17 at Amherst against Western New England.


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