New Sustainability Committee Seeks Growth and Eco-Friendly Programs


Article by Julia Parker
Special to the Beacon

A new sustainability committee at MCLA looks to implement eco-friendly programs on campus.

In efforts to reach out to more individuals, Women’s Soccer Coach Deborah Raber introduced the committee in the most recent Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) meeting.

“[The committee] has got a couple students on it who are clearly very interested and passionate,” said Raber. “The things they are talking about, everything from composting, to what they do with food waste, to working with Aramark about things going on at Late Night [Grille], they are all doing a great job.”

The committee still remains to be a very quiet organization on campus, though they have gotten a lot done with Aramark. With the company, they have talked about imposing a system for food waste.

In fact, many other colleges and universities have their own sustainability offices. Worcester State University runs a very successful program on their campus, where they compost four tons of food every month, and 25 tons a year. They also host LED bulb giveaways, free e-cycling events, tree-planting days, and more eco-friendly activities on their campus.

“In order to get something going on our campus, the word needs to be spread about the committee,” said Raber. Raber herself believes that “raising awareness is super important, and [she] would love to see everyone spend more time with even just basic recycling.”

One idea that had been brought up in the SAAC meeting was the idea of providing recycling bins up at the Athletic Complex. As simple enough as it is, more work needs to be done.

“We also need to be cognizant and working with the facilities, because there is no place for people to dump [the recyclable materials],” Raber said. “They must sort out the best way for them to process through the material.”

Altogether, the committee is hoping to further their work on the MCLA campus and gain the support from fellow students.