North Adams farmers market begins a new season


A farmers’ market is a staple in almost every town. Usually held during the spring and summer (and even sometimes fall) months, these markets are a great place to get local and fresh produce, homemade treats, and handmade soaps.

MCLA students can go downtown all year round to the North Adams Farmers Market, going against the normative and running during the colder months for the second year in a row.

Nov. 2 was the first day of the indoor market, located at The Green on 87 Main St. Among the vendors were Square Roots Farm, Many Forks Farm, and the Clarksburg Bread Co.

Jamie Ott, owner of Clarksburg Bread Co., has enjoyed participating in the farmers market for the past four years.

“It’s a good way to bring the community together,” she said, “and help support local farms.”

Sara Potvin, a North Adams native who has been the market manager since March, gave insight on why the market was moved indoors during the colder months.

“The indoor market began last winter,” said Potvin. “I wasn’t a part of the market at the time, but the idea is to have a year-round market for the community.”

Potvin explained how many of the farmers that participate in the market(s) have much less available in the winter months. However, some of the farmers have greenhouses where they are able to grow produce year-round and raise cows, pigs and chickens in order to sell meat and eggs. Bakers also produce year-round.

“As the weather will be getting colder and the snow will be coming soon, no one really wants to stand outside to sell or shop, so an indoor market makes the most sense,” said Potvin.

Last year was the first time the winter markets began, and after positive feedback, the market committee decided to bring it back. Potvin explained that because there’s less traffic in the winter months than in the summer, it’s only held once a month.

Each of the indoor markets will have a handful of vendors, as well as live music from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The next Farmers Market is on Dec. 2 at The Green. For more information, call 413-664-6190, or email