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PAM class to present “Day into Night” festival

PAM class to present “Day into Night” festival

The College has announced its Fourth Annual Performing Arts Management (PAM) show, “Day into Night,” will take place on Sunday, May 5, from 3-10 p.m. Part of this season’s MCLA Presents! performance series, this festival – which will showcase music, dance, theater and visual art – will begin in the Quad and end in Venable gym. A highlight of the […]

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Contribution to G51 Senior Gallery by Andrew Cross.

Senior art showcase prevails

In the chaos of the bomb scare on Thursday April 25, art was put on the back burner, and students were prevented from attending the opening of the senior art show “Pathways to Perception” at Gallery 51. Despite this, the artists’ efforts were not unrecognized. “Our attendance did suffer,” Associate Gallery Manager Christina Stott said. However, she said 170 people […]

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Dance Company shows off their skills at Mass MoCA this Saturday.

Dance Company returns to MASS MoCA

Dance Company returns for their spring semester performance at MASS MoCA tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. and Saturday at 2:00 p.m. Tickets are free for students. Co-presidents Alexa Hebard and Katie Kelly are ecstatic to show off their efforts with a wide variety of dance genres, talent, and surprises. “My dance is based around robots,” Hebard said. “It’s set to Imogen […]

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Kaylie Warner, A&E Writer.

Rock and roll ain’t noise pollution

The Runaways helped pave the way for women to enter and flourish in the rock and roll community which has influences on heavy metal. Two of the band members were especially important to the growth of women in rock and roll. The Runaways turned the rock scene upside down. Although, they never did well in the states, they were a […]

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Joseph O'Neill participated in the variety show.

IGC Variety Show brings community together

by Jennifer Nault   From dance routines, to a violin player, the talent at the Inter Greek Counci (IGC) Variety Show was diverse and a huge hit amongst performers and audience members. There were originally 22 open spots, but so many people wanted to participate they added more. IGC had a signup sheet for anyone who wanted to add last-minute […]

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A&E Editor Shannen Adamites.

I swear I’m not being a killjoy, but seriously. Chill out.

Dance Company shows are one of, if not the largest performance events on campus. With their intense amounts of energy, crazy lighting, and a million emotions expressed through movement, there’s really nothing not to like about it. It’s an event everyone looks forward to, and an event to celebrate a semester’s worth of dedication, skill, aches, pulled muscles, and teamwork. […]

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“Since I was young, I wanted to be a rock star.” -Jacquelyn Gianetti, FPA major, looks forward to directing next spring.

Gianetti: creative activist

Jacquelyn Gianetti, Fine and Peforming Arts (FPA) major with a concentration in theater, grew up in a small town in central Massachusetts, which she recalls as being a black hole. There was no art in the area, and Gianetti was determined to change that. “I guess it speaks to my character,” she said. “Since I was young, I wanted to […]

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Survey shows nearly half didn’t think Public Safety could make arrests

Survey shows nearly half didn’t think Public Safety could make arrests

by Sam Boyden   The Department of Public Safety has been in the news recently, ranging from the CLERY Report to the long process of arming our officers, but there still seems to be confusion on the jurisdiction and scope of the College’s police force. To gauge level of understanding of the role and duties of Public Safety, 80 students […]

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A student walks to class at Williams College, a private school in Williamstown, Mass.

Public vs. private colleges: personal preference

A common stereotype when considering a public versus private higher education is that private education triumphs over all. But is a private college better and if so, why? According to several MCLA students who transferred from private institutions, MCLA offered advantages they couldn’t get at their previous college. “My last college was private and in my experience there was no […]

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People enjoy the sunny Saturday afternoon at Eagle Street Rising.

Eagle Street Rising exceeds expectations

by Lauren Feeney   What made this past Saturday different from any other Saturday? Eagle Street Rising had arrived. Eagle Street Rising, a part of the College’s Environmental Studies Green Living Seminar, is a project geared towards revitalizing the North Adams community. In the Green Living Seminar, students attend sessions featuring speakers from around the country who focus on the […]

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Sophomore Kristofer Thayer hangs out in the commuter lounge while he awaits his next class.

Commuter students face hardships

by Gionna Nourse   On a cold January morning, Amy Modesti wakes up at least an hour and a half before her class and starts to shovel the snow and ice off of her car from the storm the night before. She is freezing, and as she rushes to get to class, she imagines how nice it would be if […]

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Officer Michael Cozzaglio addresses the crowd in Sullivan about the confusion over the evacuation.

Administration addresses confusion over evacuation

Hands were raised and questions were posed in Sullivan Lounge as students and faculty sought clarification about the Thursday April 25 bomb threat. Monday at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. MCLA’s administration, alongside the North Adams Police and Fire Departments, hosted meetings to address concerns facing the campus. The 1 p.m. meeting had a large turnout. “I want to begin […]

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Deb Foss will return in Fall 2013.

Foss returns to psychology

by Andrew Ricketts   Deb Foss has been a part of the campus community since 1987. After three years of serving as associate dean of advising, Foss will return to her former faculty role in the fall. In 2009, the Advising Center merged with the academic affairs area of administrative staff. The academic affairs branch has a program for students […]

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From left to right: Treasurer Ben Willnow, Vice President Ruth Vital, President Michael Vogt, and Secretary
Chris Hantman make up the e-board of the Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP).

MCLA first COPLAC school to have drug, alcohol amnesty policies

by Hannah Sterrs   If you are involved in an incident where drugs and alcohol play a factor, would you call someone for help? While some students may hesitate to answer this question, by as early as May students will be able to answer with ease. MCLA will be implementing a combined Amnesty and Good Samaritan Policy. These policies will […]

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Robert Bence speaks at a lecture given in 2011.

Robert Bence to step down

by Sam Boyden   Bob Bence, professor of political science and public policy, is set to retire at the end of the semester after 37 years at the College. After teaching at schools all over the country in his 46-year career, Bence decided it was time to take a break from teaching. “This is a high energy place that appropriately […]

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