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Will MCLA continue investing in dirty energy?

Will MCLA continue investing in dirty energy?

Let me start by saying I do not think the amount of money MCLA invests in fossil fuel companies is anything more than a mere drop in the bucket for these enormous corporations. Led by acclaimed climate change writer Bill McKibben, the “Do the Math” tour has been traveling the country promoting college divestment of endowment funds from fossil fuel […]

by · March 7, 2013 · Letters to the Editor
Andrew Hodgson Sports Editor.

U.S. politics, fostering a culture of fear

It has been 52 years since President Dwight Eisenhower warned America in his farewell address about the growing specter of the “military industrial complex”. 50 years later, politicians have made one thing clear, fear is power. Lately the buzz-words have changed, but the effect is the same. Over the past few decades the phrases have been “scud,” “Al Qaeda,” “fiscal […]

by · March 7, 2013 · Opinion
New store sells denim products at low prices

New store sells denim products at low prices

Nestled between Angelina’s Sub and South Beach Tan, the Denim Depot boasts a vintage neon Levis sign in the window. Inside, the scent of denim moves freely among the multiple shades of blue jeans, and other denim products. “I wanted to focus on clothing, but also something universal that everybody needed,” owner of Denim Depot, Tom Quinton said. “It came […]

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Grannies Cory Flood and Elizabeth Mullen plan their “abduction” while delinquent Boston Livingstone remains unconscious. Photo by Shauna Dacus.

Review: ‘Quarantine’ delights audience

To say that Mark Dunn’s ‘A Delightful Quarentine’ is merely a play about an alien invasion would be too simple. The College’s MainStage production, directed by Theatre Professor Doug Jenkins, was a comical look into six odd households during an alien invasion in a small Pennsylvania town. The play was full of laughs and amusement, despite some awkward moments. Saturday’s […]

by · March 7, 2013 · A&E, Slideshow
Flyer by Tyler Prendergast/MCLA FPA.

Harlequin to perform ‘Into the Woods’ after break

Fairy tales will never be looked at the same way again after the Harlequin show, Steven Sondheim’s “Into the Woods.” “It’s the quintessential ‘fairytales gone wrong’ story,” Director and senior Jonathan Kinney said. “Into the Woods” intertwines several fairy tale characters such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, and Jack from “Jack and the Bean Stalk.” However, despite the […]

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Until the field is ready, the baseball team uses the Campus Center Gym to conduct their daily practices. Photo by Kayla Degnan.

Baseball to head south to Florida

The Men’s Baseball team will play several games in Florida for spring break next week. The week is host to an annual tournament for colleges around the country, mostly Northern colleges with cold weather during this time of the year. The week consists of 10 games with three off-days, making it 10 days in total. Most of the games are […]

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The Allegrettos and Williams College Gospel Choir perform a gospel concert

by · March 7, 2013 · Photos
Senator Stephan Rochefort discusses matters at the meeting.

SGA approves resolution for fossil fuel divestment

The Student Government Association (SGA) approved a resolution Monday night urging the President, Board of Trustees, and Foundation Board to divest from publicly-traded fossil fuel companies. Chief Advancement Officer Marianne Drake, President of the MCLA Foundation, said that while sustainability is a part of the College’s strategic plan, the issue of investment in fossil fuels has not been explored in […]

by · March 7, 2013 · Front Page, News
The Campell brothers play at the performance. Photo by Kacie Clark.

Review: Gospel Fest shakes Church Street

Church Street Center rocked out with the Holy Spirit this past Saturday. The Allegrettos opened up the night, marching in to the auditorium singing ‘Say the Word.’ Their voices soared beautifully through the auditorium. The Allegrettos never cease to impress. When they took their seats in the front row, President Mary Grant took the stage, stating how proud she feels […]

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Softball is preparing for the  Gene Cusic Classic in Florida

Softball is preparing for the Gene Cusic Classic in Florida

The softball team will be traveling to Fort Myers, Fl. from March 8 to 14, playing in the Gene Cusic Classic. The Trailblazers’ season started with two wins against Lyndon State in a double-header at the Glens Falls Sports Dome. The tournament is an annual event that will take place over spring break involving multiple levels of skilled teams which […]

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International bestelling author Irshad Manji to speak at MCLA

International bestelling author Irshad Manji to speak at MCLA

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) will host author Irshad Manji, founder and director of the Moral Courage Project at New York University, in the next Public Policy Lecture, “The Future of Islam,” on Thursday, March 7, at 7 p.m., in the MCLA Church Street Center’s Eleanor Furst Roberts Auditorium. Made possible through the generosity of the Ruth Proud Charitable […]

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Intramurals breaks game traditions

Intramurals breaks game traditions

Intramurals (IMs) started in the 1970’s by Nacey Glanger with mostly varsity sports appealing to the students that wanted to play varsity sports but weren’t members of the team. But student wants are changing, and with that comes changes to the intramural program as a whole. “The students are changing,” MCLA Intramurals Director Adam Hildabrand explained. “So the sports need […]

by · February 28, 2013 · Sports
Women’s Center to hold workshop

Women’s Center to hold workshop

One of the most important skills in the professional world is networking. For women, the world of business networking can seem like an “Old Boy’s” club. On Monday the Women’s Center will host a Savvy Socializing Workshop, facilitated by Nancy Harvin, Chief Advancement Officer from The Clark. The event is part of the Campus Action Project’s (CAP) Susan B. Anthony […]

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Cafe offers healthier options

Cafe offers healthier options

Eat to Total Health is a new business that sells and ships all-natural and allergy-free food products, but there’s much more to the café. Since launching her business in August and opening shop in December, owner Renee Tassone has been offering three-week to three-month nutritional cleanses, helping people become healthier and overcome both food and non-food related illnesses. In fact, […]

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Henault stands in front of the jelly fish tank at the Shanghai Aquarium. Photo Courtesy of Mimi Henault.

Henault’s personal journey to China

by Mimi Henault   In the late fall of last semester, I was able to take my own journey to China to experience the other side of the world for myself. While I was there I experienced a multitude of things that I feel have made a tremendous impact on my life. I had never traveled before, and by never […]

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