SAC comedy stop fills the house


Sullivan Lounge had no empty seats during Comedy Stop, where SAC brought a comedian to perform in front of the student body. Although the events in the past have never seemed to gain much attention, around 30 people attended the event on Tuesday, Nov. 14.

Jessi Campbell, who has been featured on “Last Comic Standing,” was the featured comedian of the night. Joking about her marriage and baby, the North Adams area, and her childhood in Arizona, Campbell easily made the students laugh with her honest remarks and snarky attitude.

“I like simple things,” she joked when saying she didn’t know how to pronounce Worcester while driving across the state to the College from Boston.

Although she picked on some students, which seems to be a common tactic among comedians, it was never in a way where it was mean. Everyone was willing to laugh at themselves.

“You like black licorice?!” she exclaimed to one student. “Well, what’s your second favorite candy? Please don’t say candy corn.”

Campbell was one of those comedians who, although she would go from one topic to another and then back to the original, made it funny in a way that college students could relate to.

“I went to college for a year,” she said in the beginning of her skit, “until we both agreed that I had to leave.”

Before the event began, SAC President Shannon Esposito commented on the recent budget increase that the club received from SGA on Monday, Nov. 13.

“The request wasn’t for us, it was for the students,” she explained. “We put on these events for the students, not for us. We’re happy to have the extra money. We’ve already started booking things and events, like Barn Babies.”

Esposito also gave comment to how, in a way, SAC requested $30,000 that could’ve gone to other clubs.

“We didn’t take all of the supplemental budget,” she said. “We understand that we took money away from other clubs, but that money will help us co-sponsor with those clubs that also need money. We’re looking at it like a wish list.”

Since the last time the Beacon caught up with the student activities council, SAC still has a growing increase in numbers and is creating a brand new take on the spring concert.

SAC’s next event will be Bingo on Dec. 2 in Venable Gym at 8 p.m.