SGA: Election results for Fall 2017


Amid disqualifications, revelations that GPAs were not checked last year and an ongoing investigation by Academic Affairs, the election results for SGA for the fall semester have been confirmed. Below is the official list.


Samantha Giffen

Executive Vice President 

Victoria Munoz

Coordinating Vice President

Kolumbia Cook

Student Trustee

Stephanie Collins


Fabby Street

Andrew Baillargeon

Devon Kelleher

Celine Manigbas

Connor Ogborn

Brandon Valdes

Greek Seat

Trevor Wheelock

Commuter Seat

Drew Burdick

Resident Seat

Sarah Groux

Class of 2018 Representative

Brianne O’Rourke

Class of 2018 President

Shannon Esposito

Class of 2018 Vice President

Samantha Giffen

Class of 2018 Treasurer

Brianne O’Rourke

Class of 2018 Secretary

Mackenzie Cutler

Class of 2019 President

Kaitlyn Berghela

Class of 2019 Treasurer

Robbie Gair

Class of 2019 Secretary

Danielle Nolan

Class of 2020 Representatives

Jacob Vitali

Yahya Albanoz

Class of 2020 President

Nia Little

Class of 2020 Vice President

Alexter Shand

Class of 2020 Treasurer

Jacob Vitali

There is one empty Senate-at-Large seat, one empty Class of 2018 representative seat, two empty class of 2019 representative seats, an empty Athlete seat, no Class of 2019 Vice President, and no Class of 2020 Secretary, accounting for seven empty SGA positions that can be filled in the fall alongside the entirety of the positions allocated to the incoming class of 2021.

In addition to becoming the new Treasurer for the Class of 2020, Senator Jacob Vitali was named Parliamentarian for the fall semester.

“Being named the next Parliamentarian of Student Government Association is an absolute honor and a privilege,” Vitali said. “My appointment comes at a time SGA needs strong leadership to deliver very real changes to our campus community. I will do all that I can to ensure that students of all backgrounds are included in my decisions, especially as we consider amendments to our Constitution and By-laws. I am immensely excited to be working alongside President Giffen, EVP Munoz, and CVP Cook to truly make this organization representative and inclusive of all. I know that our collaboration will see solutions to the problems we have heard so much about.”

During one of the few contested races, Trevor Wheelock beat the incumbent Adazae Shepard-Edwards for SGA’s Greek Seat. Wheelock is a member of the Pi Upsilon Pi fraternity.

Senate-at-Large had six newcomers, with Fabby Street being the only Senator to return to her position this fall. Senators LaJuan Allen and A.J. Cote did not appear on the ballot this election.

“I want to thank all those who supported me as I took out nomination papers, ran, and eventually earned the Senate at Large position,” Andrew Baillargeon, a senate newcomer, said. “I will strive to fill the position to the best of my ability. Right now, my primary interests are in improving student relationships with ARAMARK as well as improving SGA’s public image to the student body. I am well aware that there is a lot of work to be done, but I couldn’t be happier to accept that and get down to business.”

New Student Trustee Stephanie Collins and Commuter Seat Drew Burdick won their positions through write-in campaigns. Both positions lacked balloted candidates.