SGA Holds Food Forum; Approves its own Constitution changes


With a week to review the revised document, the Student Government Association’s Senate passed their altered Constitution.

The previous week’s SGA meeting saw the senators apprised of the changes made to the association’s constitution over the summer. These were focused on grade point average (GPA) requirements for holding positions on class councils and in student government. The change sees the minimum requirement set at 2.3 for serving on class councils or the senate and at 2.5 for holding an e-board position.

Food Forum

Also at the meeting, two representatives from Aramark presented possible changes to MCLA students’ meal plans to the Student Government Association.

The representatives found that students registered for their meal plans used up 60 percent of their meal swipes and 98.6 percent of their declining balance on average. These numbers were said to be relatively typical for comparable schools.

Renovations to the Amsler Campus Center were among topics discussed with hints made toward improving access to the Centennial Room. These would be funded through a joint venture of State, College, and Aramark funds.

Subway’s place in the Campus Center was given an uncertain future as students expressed interest in Aramark partnering with a different business. A Mexican themed restaurant or Panera Bread were among the most welcomed suggestions made.

Among the specific new-style plans requested to be investigated by Aramark for feasibility at MCLA included an unlimited plan, an overhead-centered plan, and a blend plan. The first of these would most likely be more expensive than current block plans but would allow students the ability to eat in the Centennial Room without worry of reaching a maximum set number. The overhead-centered plan would allow students the opportunity to know exactly how much of their money would be going to the overhead of the company while also granting a specified amount of declining balance to the user. A blend plan is as simple as the name implies: it would be a different blend of meal swipes and declining balance.

Updates and Events

Executive Vice President Victoria Muńoz reminded the SGA that the annual Sam Gomez race will be held Oct. 15.

Senate Secretary Briana O’Rourke will no longer hold the position of secretary as of Oct. 16 as she has resigned her position. Secretary O’Rourke is set to graduate this December and the SGA thought it would be wise to have a consistent person in that position for the entire year. She will remain part of the senate but without secretarial duties.

Senator Wheelock, as the Inter-Greek Council representative, disavowed sexual violence and sexual assaults in the wake of a recent email sent out to all MCLA students about rumors of hazing rituals. The email reads: “The MCLA Campus Police and the College’s Title IX officer have received a number of reports suggesting that some of the College’s athletic teams and other student organizations have engaged in hazing rituals which include allegations of planning sexual assault.  At this point, there is absolutely no information corroborating any of these rumors.

In response to another email sent by College officials, President Samantha Giffen explained that all pieces of furniture in the library had been sanded down and cleaned during the summer meaning that any reported graffiti is new.