SGA: New CSSE plans and Proposal for Multicultural Lounge


The Student Government Association (SGA) was given presentation from Dale Osef, career development specialist for the Center for Student Success and Engagement (CSSE) at the beginning of their meeting on Dec. 4.

This presentation, originally scheduled for Nov. 27, included plans for a new formula designed to help with student’s ability to network, make resumes and take on internships.

“The Career Trail” is a four-year plan aimed at helping every student really get involved with their majors. It includes a new app which will provide students with easier access to their information.

The program will be heavily orientated to getting students internships and opportunities to experience their subjects in real world settings and, eventually, helping them secure career placement beyond MCLA.

Executive Vice President Victoria Munoz ’19 asked about Juniors and Seniors and their place within the new plan. To bring them up to speed with the new layout, Osef suggests setting up appointments with CSSE.

President Sam Giffen reminded everyone that last Friday was this semester’s final meeting for the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion task force. The candidates for their Chief Diversity Officer will be on campus for the next few weeks.

The candidates will be attending Open Student Forums which will be held in Sullivan Lounge on Tuesdays and Thursdays up until Dec. 14 and will take place a 1 p.m. Students are encouraged to join to meet and learn about the different candidates.

By-law additions were also presented including changes to the powers of Class Council members. Confusion arose about where they would go and unanimously was tabled and sent back to discussion for the Constitution Committee to amend.

Once they moved to open forum, SGA was met with Mikaela Serrano ’18, who set forth a proposal for $5,600 to renovate Venable room 5 into a Multicultural Lounge. This would differentiate itself from the Multicultural Education room on the Campus Center’s 3rd floor as the latter is formal office space.

Senator Yahya Abanoz ’20 was worried the incorporation of a lounge specifically dedicated to minority students would eventually become an exclusive minority only area. Serrano explained that while everyone would be allowed to use it, the lounge would be geared towards mainly to minority students.

Senator Drew Burdick expressed concern over the proposed funding for the project. Consequential questions were asked about specifics on furniture and utilities. The proposal was tabled to allow time for senate members to consider it and develop questions.

Lastly, a proposal involving crosswalks was brought to SGA to gauge student opinions. The idea would be to add a crosswalk to Montana street near where the townhouse message board stands.

Coordinating Vice President Kolumbia Cook ’18 spoke briefly on her beliefs on how the presence of the crosswalk wouldn’t change student habits. Others, including Senator Austin Sirois, Senator Andrew Baillargeon and Senator Celine Manigbas, liked the idea and voiced their approval.