SGA welcomes five new members to the Senate


With right hands raised and oaths repeated, the newest members of the Student Government Association Senate officially took their positions. Five new members joined the ranks of the senate on Oct. 16, leaving just two senate-at-large seats open.

Class of 2021 Senate Representatives Shon Loftus and Hilda Opara, Athletic Chair Janitza Santiago, and Senators-at-Large Austin Sirois and Allison Fortin all swore to uphold the Constitution and, to the best of their abilities, represent the students of MCLA.

This week’s SGA meeting saw the Food Committee make an announcement on the upcoming renovations for the Campus Center. Executive Vice President Victoria Munoz spoke on the College and Aramark’s plan to make another pathway to the cafeteria from the future location of the gym. A rough timetable labeled fall 2018 as the most likely time these renovations would be complete.

These renovations to the Campus Center are part of a long-term project in which the College decided to fill in the pool and expand the fitness center to the pool’s location.

This weekend is scheduled to be the annual Family Weekend with a fair to be held for all visting family members. Among the events scheduled this year is SGA’s Chowderfest where students are encouraged to partake in the clam and corn chowders.

Executive Vice President Munoz spoke on the recent Sam Gomez Race, saying that roughly 50 runners had participated and that the event had been completed without issue.

Parliamentarian Jake Vitali welcomed the new members of senate and informed them that the senate retreat was scheduled for that evening (Monday, Oct. 16) where he would go over the general rules of order the SGA adheres to.

Vitali also reiterated that Brianna O’Rourke had resigned from the position of senate secretary and that this was the chance for someone to take on the position. The weekly, public meeting was then moved into a closed session in which the SGA nominated people for the open position and voted on the nominations.
The position holds the responsibility of a vote in SGA affairs, recording attendance and office hours as well as reporting the minutes of each meeting. Senator Austin Sirois was elected and immediately took over the position.

Public Safety Committee announced that Campus Safety was seeking to fill two officer positions. President Giffen, a member of the committee, spoke on the interest the department had in doing a campus safety walk with students to see where safety could be improved at the College.