This Is: Eric Robbins


Eric Robbins, a junior at MCLA, is a local musician who describes his sound as best fitting in with the indie singer-songwriter genre or in a coffee house.

“I think I’ve always just had an affinity for it,” said Robbins, describing his first band in the first grade where he sang about dinosaurs and pretended to play guitar.

In the fourth grade, when Robbins became more serious about his music, he began playing cello. Guitar and songwriting followed a few years later, around his freshman year of high school.

Now, the musician has a four-song EP called ‘A Better Place’ and two other singles, one of which Robbins released a few weeks ago.

Robbins lists many inspirations including his family, friends and teachers.

“But the songs really do just come from something within me,” Robbins said. “It’s sort of like I pull out the worst and best things that I’ve experienced and make them into music.”

Robbins has played shows for WJJW where he enjoyed performing with other local musicians. He has also played a show at Clark Art.

“Oftentimes it’s hard to stay motivated. I get writer’s block a lot. But when I talk to one of my professors, like Michael Dilthey or Jeff Link, and I have a good conversation, I get inspired,” Robbins said. “Listening to other good music also does the trick.”

Robbins is hoping to release his album “Never Give Up” this year. It is a culmination of his work over the past few years.

“I’ve put so much into it and I’m really proud of it so far,” Robbins said.

In addition to this, Robbins also has another album already written, which has a different style. He plans to work on it right after the release of “Never Give Up”.

“My big goal is to have people listen to my music and enjoy it. I’m confident in it and I think that if people listen to it and give it a chance they will really enjoy it,” Robbins said.

Along with having a Facebook page, Robbins music can be found on YouTube, Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes.