This Is: Luke Tobin


Local musician and MCLA junior Luke Tobin has always had music in his heart. His inspiration came at a young age, surrounded by family with the same love of music.

“A few of my uncles on my dad’s side were in a family band, and my mom’s brother played as well. My brother Chris started to learn guitar and then drums, and my brother Adam picked up guitar as well,” Tobin said in a text interview.

Tobin recalled learning the foundations of guitar from his brothers and uncles at the age of seven or eight.

“My cousin Jake picked up guitar as well, around the same time as me, so we were always jammin’ together,” Tobin said.

Tobin vividly remembered his first songwriting experiences, including writing a song for his 5th grade’s D.A.R.E. program highlighting the negative effects of using drugs. Besides occasional songs such as these, he started writing seriously in the 6th grade.

The singer/songwriter has played at Freshgrass with one of the bands he is in, named Quincy. He has also played at The Design Lab in North Adams, The Log in Williamstown, The Dream Away Lodge in Becket, The Midway Café and the Middle East in Cambridge and Cafe 939 in Boston.

“Music is a means of expression I can’t tap into really with anything else. But it’s also really easy to lose motivation. I get writer’s block a lot and sometimes it takes months to finish a song,” Tobin said. “My motivation is the enjoyment and release of it. Just the creative process.”

Tobin’s goal is to keep writing and playing, saying that some recording is being done and new material would be out soon.

“As for long term goals, I’d love to play out more and maybe release a 4 or 5 song EP at some point. Regardless, I plan on playing music anyways even if its cooped up in my room. I couldn’t live without it,” Tobin said.

Luke Tobin’s music can be found on YouTube, as well as on his Bandcamp page: