This Is: NF


Michigan rapper NF brings his upbringing and troubles forward in emotionally written lyrics and intriguing music videos.

Raised by his father and losing his mother due to overdose, NF’s music career began in 2010 with his debut album “Moments” under his name, Nathan Feuerstein (hence NF). Feuerstein didn’t officially take the name NF until his 2014 EP, “NF.”

NF describes his “story” through “lyrical vulnerability complimented by raw energy.” His music draws from many real life struggles, including being abused as a kid, struggling with anger issues, and losing his mother to a drug overdose,” as stated on his Facebook page.

His recent release, “Perception,” includes “Let You Down,” which peaked at 48 on the Billboard charts. The album also reached number one on the Billboard 200 in October.

Many of NF’s songs focus on mental health and growing up in a small town where rap isn’t really popular, saying in his song “Outcast” that he’d rather be alone, be himself then someone else, an outcast.

If you’re a fan of other rappers such as Logic, Eminem, and Machine Gun Kelly, NF should be next on your list. His albums have charted on the Christian charts, but NF doesn’t describe identify as a Christian artist. Although his lyrics may not seem influenced by his faith, his song “All I Have” definitely shows it.

NF will be going on tour across America in January, already having five sold out shows.