This Is: Wallows


Los Angeles-based Wallows have just started out in the alt/punk scene with only four songs under their belt. Although that may seem like a small amount, they are making their way across America with their catchy riffs and relatable lyrics.

Bandmembers Cole Preston, Braeden Lemasters and Dylan Minnette (actor known for his role in the Netflix hit “13 Reasons Why”) have been on tour this past winter and will be coming to Massachusetts in late February.

Although a debut album has not been announced yet, their four songs, “Pleaser,” “Uncomfortable,” “Sun Tan,” and “Pulling Leaves off Trees” show exactly what should be expected on one. Their sound is definitely something you would listen to with the windows down on a summer drive.

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With a sound similar to others, they’re unique in their own punk way. Minnette being able to break away from his acting and perform this type of music is something that isn’t seen these days.

As the lyrics from “Pulling Leaves off Trees” say: “Can I make my own opinion tell me all about it. Everyone approves of it I wanna scream and shout it.”
So, make your own opinion.


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