Time to relax with the DAD club


There is a new club on campus called the DAD Club or, as they go by on their Facebook page, Rad Dads of MCLA, and it is something new and completely unique.

“It’s more or less a relaxation club,” Vice President Dominique (Domo) Stevenson-Pope said. “It’s just something for people to relax and explore the fantasy of a stereotypical dad.”

Stevenson-Pope explained that you don’t have to be a man to be dad and that their concept of what a dad is has more to do with wanting to be someone who takes care of others and does stereotypical “dad-ish” things. They’ve had Hawaiian shirt contests, “craft” beer day (root beer) and fantasy football events, which Stevenson-Pope made a point to mention that women, men and gender non-binary individuals can all do too.

“We want to be the ‘good dads’ because not everyone has a great dad,” Stevenson-Pope explained, saying the whole purpose behind the club was that they wanted to be able to step up and take the place of “dad” for people without dads and be a support system for people.

DAD Club formed during the ice cream social at the beginning of this semester according to Alexter (Lex) M. Shand, president of the club.

“I kept joking around saying ‘kids do you wanna throw around the pigskin with your old man’ and then I said to Domo we should start a dad club,” Shand explained when asked where the idea even came from. And within 24 hours of that interaction the E-Board, an advisory teacher and a good amount of members were found and official paperwork was turned in.

But here’s the hitch: they aren’t “technically” an official club yet. They’ve gone through the paperwork and were told they were approved and could start having meetings but the member in charge of approving new clubs for SGA had an accident. Since Samantha Giffen has taken on that role, the whole “becoming official” process has to start over, but the DAD club doesn’t mind.

The DAD club is taking part in the No-Shave November campaign which helps with a lot of men’s health issues. In December they are doing a toy drive to provide toys for kids in the community who might not have actual father figures through the Colegrove Park Elementary School, hopefully in conjunction with SGA. And in the spring they are planning the “dad-a-palooza” with a barbecue and hopefully dad-themed Olympic activities.

What are dad-themed Olympic activities? They would include things like: building a desk from Ikea, constructing the best burger, confronting their child about how becoming a rock star isn’t the most practical life choice with the least amount of conflict, etc. The teams would be built out of other clubs putting their best dad foot forward.

“We understand people kind of view us as a joke,” said Stevenson-Pope. “We hope we actually get recognized as an actual club because we want to use it to do good things for the community.”

The DAD club meets every Friday at 5 p.m. in Bowman 205 and can be found on Facebook under the Rad Dads of MCLA.