Political Science major Jacob Vitali is the host of “Your World According to Me,” a two hour program airing every Wednesday from 4 to 6 p.m. on WJJW, the campus radio station. “Your World According to Me” consists of a mix of political banter concerning current affairs, opinion pieces, interviews and an extensive collection of music.

Comedic in his execution, Vitali often starts his show with a monologue in which he pokes fun at various headlines found in both local and nationwide newspapers, providing listeners an opportunity to learn about the problems currently effecting the world around us in a way that is both lighthearted and fun. Fans of popular news-based talk shows such as Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” or HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher” will most likely get a kick out of Vitali’s take on the world around us.

On occasion Vitali expands on stories that he finds of particular interest, opening up in to a segment which he’s dubbed “Special Commentary,” in which he discusses a given subject matter for a larger portion of the show. Recently stories concerning the antics and often controversial actions of the Trump Administration have led to what Vitali describes as “a blessing” for content, making stories concerning the current state of the government a widely reviewed issue.

“I feel like in some ways that the Trump administration has been a blessing because every week I’ve been on the air, they’ve provided both interesting and easy to poke fun at stories,” Vitali explains. “They’ve also been so controversial that it’s hard not to find guests who want to share their opinions about their actions, whether in agreement or not. In particular, I’ve been exploring the Russia connections, as well as scandals surrounding some of the cabinet nominees.”

The majority of the show is meant to be satirical in its execution, though he does occasionally open up towards more serious discussions. He’s also been known to acquire an array of special guests from varying backgrounds to join him in discussion from time to time, including both students residents of Berkshire County. Some of his previous guests include amateur wrestler Ryan Goffman, protest organizer Marty Packer, marketing and promotions manager Kelly Skelton of the Love of the Game Sports Foundation and fellow radio DJ James Swinchoski.

Segments are broken up with the occasional song from an abundance of genres, adding a nice variety of music throughout the show, dipping in to both country, hip hop, heavy metal and alternative rock.

Vitali’s interest in DJing stems from an inherent appreciation of the radio.

“I wanted to join campus radio because scanning stations has always been one of my favorite past times,” Vitali mentioned. “There’s nothing I love more than to be on a road trip, traveling to a place I’ve never been, and scanning the stations for compelling dialogue or new music. Coming from Billerica, I’ve had access to all of the Boston stations and they have some really great programs.”

Vitali also enjoys the freedom that coincides with creating his own radio show. Despite having to follow regulations set in place by the FCC, as well a few rules set by the school, he finds the act of creating something that is very much a product of his own creation rewarding.

“I love having that flexibility to tell jokes, interview others, and play some new music I’ve just come across,” Vitali admitted. “I love WJJW as a whole because no DJ’s show feels the same as another, every person on air brings a lot of themselves to their show and I really appreciate that.”

In the future, Vitali hopes that he will be able to acquire some more prominent guests, as well as use his show to launch some new and upcoming talent who are looking for exposure.